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Nicci Blain "Nicci Needles"
NDA, BHSc.Acu (4yrs), PGC.PS
Member Acupuncture New Zealand
ACC Treatment Provider

Acupuncturist:  Garden City Health:  221 Innes Road                               


Nicci Blain 2021.jpg


I love using the holistic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Whether brief intervention for injury  recovery, or a more complex health condition, Chinese  Medicine  looks at energy and body balance to support a bigger picture of what it means to heal and be well.              

Science is now discovering more about this holistic approach and much of the Chinese symbolism is simply ways of  describing well-being in which each part of the  body works in harmony with the others to sustain homeostasis and overall health. 

Since training as an acupuncturist nearly 20 years ago I have spent time working in mental health support environments, taught health science subjects in a variety of tertiary institutions and worked with many different health conditions in private practice around Christchurch.​

As well as local treatment for specific conditions the  holistic nature of treatment offers a unique opportunity to support the nervous system with  relaxation.     The beauty in the medicine is that if you can take the opportunity to calm the mind, the body will follow with more balance to support  healing.

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