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Cupping Therapy for Healthcare Providers - Online Course

A Fun Professional Development course for Allied Health professionals only (Acupuncturists, Physio, Chiro, Osteo, Massage therapists)

Using introductory TCM principles as a foundation with health science reviews this course is designed to help practitioners safely integrate cupping into everyday practice. 

Focus on evidence based practical techniques for relaxation & wellness, myo-fascial release, sports recovery and injury rehabilitation. 

$180 NZD per person

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Chinese Medicine Wellness - Weekend Course

This is a weekend retreat style course open to the public.
July 9th & 10th 2021

Stay tuned for new  dates in 2022

Using principles of Traditional Chinese medicine Nicci will share knowledge on how to find more peace and flow to build happiness connection & resilience into daily life

Topics include:
Meditation & Mindfulness practice
Intro qi gong practice (Traditional Chinese practice using movement & breath exercises)
Health science information to learn more about your body systems to ease the effect of stress, pain, hormones and improve wellness
With teachings from  Traditional Chinese medicine, yin yang theory & 5 element flow to share a model to balance and harmonize your body, mind & spirit

An Acupuncture Treatment & Intro Massage session


​Venue: Avebury House

Cost: $440   


on hold until 2024

Trauma Informed Care - 1 day Workshop
Professional Development course.  Allied Health professionals only (Acupuncturists, Physio, Chiro, Osteo, Massage therapists - Min Diploma level)
Supportive education to identify signals & work more holistically with all types of trauma. 
Mix of Practical techniques, self reflection and classroom learning for managing your role and supporting clients with mind body connection and healing after trauma, PTSD, grief, change and stress. 
Christchurch: TBA
Cost: $220.
Under development - further info coming soon

Online version coming in 2024

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