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Fire Up Your Summer

Here are 5 tips based on following the seasonal flow with Chinese Medicine to help you build your health and energy and make the most of this great Canterbury summer.

1. Get Busy: This is the season to get things done 'make hay while the sun shines'. The warmth and additional light creates a sense of alertness, movement and expansion. Capitalise on this energy by keeping moving and be as productive as you can. Come winter you will feel more settled and rest easy knowing that you gave it your all and are on top of most of your projects.

2. Bloom: If every year is an event, summer is the season to find your peek form. Exercise & eat well to match these higher energy days. If you are not feeling like you are blooming start by wearing lots of bright colors to brighten your mood. You will be amazed how this give you a lift.

3. Socialise: In Chinese five element theory summer relates to the energies of the fire element. In this holistic health model it is important to have all the elements in balance. A great way to build fire energy is with social connection, fun & romance. A healthy fire element shows as a spark or twinkle in your eye, with a sense of lightness and ease to make connection to others. Some people are born connectors and live for relationships but can often burnout their fire element out leading to tiredness and ill health. Others need to create more "fire" to help boost all the elements into action to allow the the body mind and spirit to flourish.

4. Hydrate: With all this fire energy around we don't want to over heat or dry out. Keep the physical body strong and mental/emotional energies settled in the body with hydrating water. If you sweat often (and/or pee often) you may want to consider adding a good quality electrolyte drink for a few days to help re calibrate to make sure you hold your water longer for hydrated tissues stretch & mobility. It is amazing how the brain fuzz eases and energy lifts after proper hydration.

5. Acupuncture: If your energy is lacking, you have pain or injuries causing you to feel stuck, or you are simply having difficulty getting motivated post holiday you could try a seasonal adjustment treatment.

A 30 minute seasonal adjustment treatment aims to help you be more aligned with the summer flow so you can enjoy feeling good. It is also a good time to tick a few things of the list and get onto those niggling injuries or health issues that have been holding you back so you can find your rhythm again.

Summer Special: 30 min seasonal treatment $50

Call: 03 033562436 to book a treatment today!

Warm wishes


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