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Chinese Medicine Tips for Summer Energy

There is a lot to love about a kiwi summer, with warm temperatures ongoing and holidays completed, how are you enjoying summer?

In the yin/yang cycles of the seasons Summer is the most "yang'. This energy carries us to be productive and energetic. As well as the extra daylight to get more done, summer energy encourages us to be social. The extra warmth gives rise to genuine connection with loved ones and social groups. It is a time of work, play, passion and joy.

If all this activity seems hard work then perhaps the fire within needs support.. Has the fire has died down and energy lacking or, is it burning too bright, with feelings of being out of control?

No matter where we are at, as we push ourselves and do more than our energy levels can sustain we start to burn the adrenals and fry the nervous system. These cycle of stress create highs and lows with nervous energy, insomnia and depression. In summer it is tempting to chase the next fix of fun to feel better and avoid the real issues at hand. Eventually the body just crashes as it can't keep up the pace.

Tending to the fire element within starts with attention to self care and wellbeing. The energy you put in supports energy you put out. Simple things such as eating little and often will wake up the metabolism and keep you charged up for the tasks of the day. As does regular hydration to cool and stop brain fog in the heat.

Movement & exercise is always must. If you are feeling sluggish transitioning from holiday back to work then perhaps exercise has been the missing constant?

Sometimes a summer holiday is too quiet, or the opposite, the work routine is too sedate, both of which makes it difficult to settle in after a holiday. Maintaining at least 30mins exercise a day will help create a regular foundation of even, happy hormones and keep your heart, muscles and bones strong and resilient.

Mindfulness practices and good rest are vital to bring the balance back and calm the nervous system after busy periods. In summer sleep patterns will naturally be shorter. It is quality that counts to support a faster pace for summer days. When rest is lacking a sense of busyness and overwhelm will leave you feeling heated and flustered. If you can, a short day nap in a cool room will do wonders.

Foods to support clearing body heat and cooling the blood include cucumber water, tomatoes, watermelon and leafy greens. Small amounts of yogurt can also be cooling, as is green tea drunk hot or cold. Eating small, light and early is key while we have hot nights. Late night eating and a full stomach of meat, heavy carbohydrates (especially ones with gluten), high sugar, alcohol, fats or spicy food will heat the body leading to inflammation, hot feet and over heating in bed more quickly than other times of year. Allow time to digest before going to bed.

To further support and balance the fire element within you could also try some Summer alignment Acupuncture. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment may be of assistance to kick start new routines to help ease anxiety, cool heat and support a good nights sleep so you can re-balance your energy to enjoy the rest of summer.

For more information or to make an appointment see my webpage:

Summer hours:

Garden City health - Monday PM, Tuesday AM & Thursdays

Sports Clinic - Tuesday PM & Wednesday PM.

Take care & enjoy the sunshine



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