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Cycles of harvest & letting go - Autumn 2023

Late summer & autumn is the time of harvest, crops are ripe and ready for picking. Physically for us humans it is the last push for the year to fill up stores after a satisfying summer of growth ready for winter.

These cycles of birth, growth, harvest, death/decay, rest and rebirth are on going in nature. As humans we also have this rhythm to our lives, daily rhythms for our body, seasons for each age and stage as well as cycles of energy in nature and the cosmos moving around us.

Late Summer is the strongest for earth energies. Metaphysically this translates as the ability to receive, hold good feelings for positive mood, feel gratitude, reward and abundance. Have you noticed that as we observe abundance our sense of abundance grows? This is because, as we look around to find gratitude in everyday things our sense of pleasure and reward is activated.

This is one of the effects of the hormone dopamine. Dopamine works in support of other 'happy' hormones to regulate and sustain a state of optimism, steady mood and ease of energy. The more we train ourselves to observe and enjoy the good things in our life, the more the hormone has an effect.

To build happy hormones the time of harvest is not only a reminder to eat well, but to enjoy the fruits of our labour's. We 'fill up' when we notice our accomplishments, observe the beauty of nature, and focus mindfully at simple everyday pleasures and marvel at how despite life's ups & downs we are taken care of. This is all part of the law of attraction and aligning to receive the vibration of abundance.

Harvest is a time to revisit goals set in spring. Did you get out what you put in this summer? For me the seeds I planted in were ones to build more connection and get more involved in community activities. Although ongoing, I have made good progress. When comparing where I was 6 months ago it is easy to see the new people and opportunities that continue to come into my life.

Some goals I set in spring have withered from lack of momentum, this is ok too. As we get further into Autumn, energy contracts and descends from the earth element to transform to the metal element. We see this reflected as leaves and deadwood start to fall, decomposing into their primary elements. This movement is represented by the element of metal in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in other traditions known also known as Ether or air.

De-sending qi provides inspiration from above, combined with the breathe draws us inwards to contemplate. With contraction, not all can stay, we need to decide where to put our energy. Not all branches are going to be successful to meet the needs of the whole. As we let go, remember even in loss we can harvest gems. Being inspired, repurposing, sorting, throwing out, seeing beauty and value in all life experience is what the metal element Autumn is all about.

Physically in clinic as an acupuncturist I am noticing depleted earth energies after a hard summer of toil. This shows up in digestive issues, fatigue, foggy brains, and muscular aches and pains as the body energy stores run low. The contraction of metal element can bring low mood, breathing difficulties, crying and feelings of loss and sadness without always knowing why. Mindfulness to slow down and focus inwards with the breath will help. Plus you are always welcome to book a acupuncture alignment treatment to support the mind body & spirit as needed.




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